Posted by: exileindixie | April 25, 2010

Arguing a point that doesn’t need to be argued, really

Lost amidst the excitement of Joe Mauer’s 2009 MVP award (which should have been unanimous, dammit!  more on that in a moment…), ginormous contract, video game cover shot and associated commercials, and sweet wrestling entry music is the ongoing badassness of Justin Morneau.  A few years ago, the Twin Cities flirted with the idea of calling Mauer and Morneau the M&M boys, knowingly or unknowingly nodding to one of the greatest 3-4 combinations of all time, Mantle and Maris.  While I’m very glad that we haven’t kept up with the misappropriation of an old Yankees nickname, it was indicative that the face of the franchise was a two-man unit.  Sports Illustrated ran an article on the feel good story of Morneau rooming with Mauer in St. Paul.  Pictures floated around of Morneau wearing Joe Mauer’s sideburns on the I-still-can’t-believe-what-a-good-idea-this-was Joe Mauer Sideburns night at the dome.Together, the two of them would lead us to the post-Torii Hunter promised land.  And things were good.

And then came the 2009 MVP award, the ginormous contract, the video game cover shot and associate commercials, and the sweet wrestling entrance music.  Mauer has understandably the face of the franchise.

Now, saying people forgot about Morneau is kind of like saying people forgot about Dre, which is to say that no one has forgot about him, he’s just not quite as celebrated as the reigning champ.  His jersey is everywhere that Mauer’s isn’t.  Female Twins fans will tell you he’s really cute, just after they tell you that they want to have Joe Mauer’s babies.  So, with that, I will give you a few data points and anecdotes about how great Justin Morneau is, even though you relaly don’t need them.

Here’s Morneau’s Fangraphs page.  With a little guidance from yours truly, you’ll notice that his walk rate keeps going up while his power and contact skills remain remarkably consistent.  That’s badass.  Bert Blyleven had a very apropos comment during today’s game against the Royals, when he mentioned that Morneau is leading the league in walks thus far, just before Morneau killed a high fastball over the bullpen.  Also, over the past five or so years, Justin Morneau has overcome a concussion, a broken back, and a multitude of illnesses in 2005 the likes of which I can’t exactly recall, but I feel like appendicitis and chicken pox were prominently involved.  So dude is consistently smacking the bejesus out of the ball, gaining patience at the plate, playing above average defence, settling down and getting married, and over coming adversity.  And, perhaps only because Joe Mauer is the super-athlete equivalent of Shirley Temple, he’s doing so somewhat quietly.  Badass.

So, you are probably asking what the point is, since all Twins fans love Justin Morneau and he’s a former MVP himself and he gets tons of love in fantasy baseball circles and really no one ever says that Morneau isn’t any good?  For the same reason that Dr. Dre felt the need to release a best-selling single about people forgetting about Dre.  Because I love Justin Morneau like Dr. Dre loves himself.  And now you know that.

MVP voting madness

While my homework consists mostly of google searches and a couple of stories on the internet, it appears as though the one guy who didn’t vote Mauer for 2009 AL MVP was a guy who covers the Mariners for newspaper in Kyoto Japan, and that his main beef was that Mauer sat out the World Baseball Classic because the joint between his spine and his pelvis prevented him from squatting at the time.  I know!

Podsednik’s failure

My dear friend Hulk Smash picked up Scott Podsednik in our fantasy league, and recently (and drunkenly) bragged about how great Podsednik was and how much he always loved Podsednik.  So, continuing with Royals Schadenfreude weekend, I’m very pleased to offer the following Dick Bremer quotes from today’s telecast:

  • On Podsednik missing another fly ball to the left field corner: “Podsenik is going to bury himself in left field.:
  • On Delmon Young making a catch in the left field corner: “And Young makes the catch out there in the Scott Podsednik Memorial Corner.”

For as much as I hate Hawk Harrelson’s blunt instrument brand of homerism, I love Dick Bremer’s nimble brand.  Of course, I hate the Witch Sox almost as much as I love the Twins, so I suppose there’s no sense in going through a comparative analysis, as my objectivity is pretty hopelessly compromised.

And, naturally, as I write this, the Royals have taken the lead.  Doesn’t matter.  Podsednik’s failure will keep me warm at night.



  1. about the MVP voting. i read what the guy said and i can agree with his reasoning. the man actually put some thought into the vote–right or wrong. can we even be sure anyone does this anymore? i mean, when bert blyleven has to wait until his last year of eligibility to make it into the hall of fame, what the heck is going on. with all the talk lately every year of “derek jeter should win the MVP because of what he’s done in his career” kinda makes you sick to think that someone would actually vote that way. to be completely fair though, joe mauer really wasn’t our MVP last year if you go by the definition of what is usually used to determine the leagues MVP. on a yearly basis, it probably is justin morneau, but last year it was mike cuddyer. when morneau went down, cuddyer moved to first base and went on a tear. also he was helped by delmon young alot too. at least he didnt just look at the stat leaders and went to the top of the HR list to pick the MVP, like how its done most years…

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