Posted by: exileindixie | April 6, 2010

Very Brief Thought of the Day

A solid post was scrapped on account of Anaheim being too far west.

The best thing about opening day?  There’s 161 more where that came from.



  1. i did also notice punto’s musak changed later in the game, maybe it was his 2 out clutch musak. i think if rauch was picking metallica for his walk out music, he could have done better then wherever i may roam. the beginning of the song really doesn’t elicit excitement or fear int he opponent. but maybe its just flying under the radar music? as if to say ok, i’m bad ass, here’s some metallica, but shhhh, don’t let them know i’m 5/5 on saves. maybe if he wanted a softer start, pick battery, and when ‘tallica starts kicking ass, thats when the fireworks shoot out and you bust out sprinting from the bullpen door. i have it all pictured in my mind, come join me!

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