Posted by: exileindixie | April 4, 2010

The Return of Eric Chavez, Every Day Player

Further to my note earlier about Delmon Young and the Baseball Prospectus top prospects, I’m also inexplicably / borderline-brainwashedly optimistic about all the main player-characters from Moneyball.   Specifically, I just can’t give up on Miguel “I’m not that old and I didn’t do it” Tejada and Eric “Doctor it hurts when I do this” Chavez (note: Nick Swisher and his saluting in right field of New Yankee Stadium are dead to me).  I blame Michael Lewis’ writing; homeboy may not be fit to give financial advice, but he could sell the value of one piece of dog stool over another to me and I’d aggressively argue his case with strangers at Petco.

If you haven’t read Moneyball, please read it, even if you don’t like baseball.  Simply put, no one tells a better non-fiction story than Michael Lewis.

If you have read it, perhaps you recall the quoted reverence with which the A’s staff talked about Eric Chavez.  The promise they saw in his career could bring a man with absolutely nothing going on his life to tears.  Of course, Chavez then underperformed and played through injury for several years, and then didn’t play through injury for a while.  And now he’s back!  The A’s look to be headed for mediocrity this year, and Chavez is probably headed for more of the same, but I’m looking forward to hoping for him this year (again, mostly because someone told Michael Lewis to tell me so several years ago).  Give ’em hell, Eric.  You STILL could be the best ever.


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